Written translation

French written translation represents the principal activity of our agency and it is provided by certified translators who are backed up by experienced editors and we are thereby able to translate for you a great range of French documents such as: agreements, articles, web sites, identity documents, etc.

To give you a more specific idea of our services, we present them divided into three main categories:

  • the standard written translation of texts coming from a French legal, economic and technical field
  • document preparation, editing, formatting, proofread and other support services
  • written translation of the personal documents in French or English

Technical translation

We provide translation of technical documents written in French such as catalogues of the equipment and materials or catalogues, equipment repair instructions, technical hand books, as well as other texts and scientific translation.

Although this type of translation requires additional time of work, we offer imposition of 1:1 with maintenance of the original format, complete transfer of illustrations, formulas, and drawings.

It is possible that French technical documents which are to be translated to have a certain number of abbreviations and acronyms or they might suppose specific requirements for their decoding, in this case a glossary provided by the customer will be of great help.

Financial translation

In our agency there are also specially trained professionals who deal with translations coming from the economic field which require a high knowledge of special terminology in French Economics, French Accounting Standarts, French Insurance and Financial Servcies.. Thus, we can equally help you with professional translation of French documents such as: balance sheets, income statements, annual reports, audit committees reports, loan contracts and loan agreements, bank guarantees, annual reports, memorandum of agreement, investment memorandum and many others.

Legal translation (French Legal documents)

We give special attention to legal translation of French contracts and agreements, statutes, statutory documents and other business documentation and entrust them only to our most experienced professionals because this field demands, apart from the knowledge of a specific terminology, more attention to details and clarity of formulations. All our legal documents are proofread by a French legal advisor and additionally can be checked by a French solicitor.

Specialized translation

A special category of our services is represented by professional translation made by French native speakers specializing in their fields. We recommend you this service if you need a text in a foreign language with the highest stylistic quality, for example, the translation of a presentation, website, marketing and promotional materials, literary texts, books, a special and personal message, etc. If the text to be translated has as destination the attention of a narrow audience for whom stylistic features of presentation in a foreign language are not essential, for example, the translation of diplomas, contracts or other texts with intra-corporate nature, then a common translation would be more than satisfactory.

Professional translation of personal documents

The most popular and demanded service in our agency is the professional translation of personal documents meaning French passports, diplomas, certificates, letters, etc. followed in almost all cases by notarization.

Apart from these main services we are prepared to offer you a wide range of additional services essentially working with text and documents, separately or as a supplement to the main services. Among them we mention:

  • Imposition of a text into French language with full maintenance of formatting of the original, paintings, drawings and inscriptions to it;
  • Apostille or a full consular legalization of French documents in order to provide a legal force to the activity in other countries;
  • perform a French notarization or certification with the company seal and make the required number of notary copies.

As a golden rule in our agency, we pay great attention on the optimal duration of work on the order. However, if an emergency occurs and you are in need of an urgent translation into/from French, do not hesitate to contact us and we will promptly answer your demand in the shortest time possible.

For both main and additional services we practice the lowest prices in Dublin. To be convinced about this aspect and to get more details and information about our costs, terms and procedures of service, please call us on 086 383-22-44 or pay us a visit. We are always ready and happy to answer all your enquiries and provide you with any additional information you might need!

Other services:

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Plans d'affaires

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