Apostille on french documents

If you have a document or translation prepared in Ireland and to be used in France or prepared in France and to be used abroad, it needs to be Apostilled or legalized in the French embassy.

Apostille is a special seal, which provides a legal force to the document in other states. Normally, it is applied on the notary translations, but there are also exceptions since you can put Apostille on the document without the translation and you can decide about translation after Apostilling documents.

The normal cost for the Apostille is 40 Euro and there is also a courier fee that we charge of 20 euro each way in order to deliver and collect the document to and from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

To find out more about the Apostille services in Ireland please contact us

If you contact us, you will get complete service and comfort to suit your needs. We will prepare all the necessary documentation, carry out Apostillisation, if necessary, we will translate and notarize all documentation, and we will give you a completely finished document ready to use abroad.

We also have a special service consisting of Apostilling documents in other countries in which we have agency offices. All you have to do is to leave the documents in our Dublin offices and we will look after preparing, posting them to the destination country, Apostilling and delivering them back. For this we guarantee you both safety and confidence. To find out more: please call 086 383-22-44 or Email: info@ales.ie

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